#FeelYourBreast Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign FAQ's

You may already be aware... October is officially Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and this year marks a special moment for Lounge and everyone involved in our campaign (that includes you) as we take off our bras, put our comfy pants on and get to grips with our bodies, and begin our movement to #FeelYourBreast.
We'll be holding your hands tightly along the way as we open your eyes to the emotional stories of 10 young women and the breast advise on how to #FeelYourBreast.
How can I join the movement?
From 1st October at 7PM BST we'll be releasing 20,000 Limited Edition Pink Thongs and our Ultimate Guides, TOTALLY FREE, that can be purchased through our website (loungeunderwear.com)
All you need to do is head to our website, head to our Limited Edition Hot Pink Thong product page and add the thong to your cart and checkout.
How do donations work?
We'll be giving you the option to donate to our incredible chosen charities - Treckstok and CoppaFeel!
100% of your donations will be raised for our chosen charities, and truly can make a difference for the incredible work that they do for people like you.
Is the campaign a worldwide offering?
Yes, absolutely! Our Female Family all around the world can get involved, join the movement and grab one of our 20,000 Limited Edition Hot Pink Thongs and guides through our website (loungeunderwear.com)
Can I put more than one free thong in my cart?
Unfortunately not ladies. We want as many of our Female Family to have the chance to bag their Thong and Guide, so to do so we have to limit your purchasable thong count to one. Any multiple thong purchases will be flagged within our system and the customer will be contacted by our Lounge Experts regarding a block on the order.
Do I have to add other items in my cart to qualify for a free thong?
No, we're bringing you our Limited Edition Thongs and Ultimate guides for free, even without adding anything else to your cart. 
You can simply add your Limited Edition Hot Pink Triangle Thong to your cart, add a donation if you wish, and checkout with only the shipping fee being applied.
Can I add other items to my basket along with my free thong?
Yes, absolutely. If you're already placing an order, please feel free to add our Limited Edition Thong, make a donation if you can, and join the movement. We're on a mission to raise awareness, and want as many of our amazing Female Family to get involved.
Can I return/exchange my Limited Edition Hot Pink Triangle Thong?
Returns and exchanges do not apply. As our Limited Edition Hot Pink Thong is a free purchase, with limited edition availability, we cannot accept returns or exchanges for this product.
What happens when all the thongs are sold out?

We are afraid that once all 20,000 Limited Edition Thongs are sold out, they are officially all gone and will no longer be purchasable for customers on our website. We are sorry if you missed your chance, but there are so many other ways you can get involved and join our #FeelYourBreast movement. Click here to find out how

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