What is #FeelYourBreast?

#FeelYourBreast is a campaign we are running throughout the month of October (Breast Cancer Awareness month!) to raise awareness of breast cancer. We want women (and men) to be breast cancer aware and be confident in knowing the signs and symptoms to look for. We want to support our Female Family in any way we can, whether you’re dealing with a diagnosis, supporting someone close to you or concerned that something isn’t quite right for you and your normal.

What charities are Lounge partnering with?

This year, we’re partnering with TrekStock and CoppaFeel!. You can read more about our chosen charities here.

How can I get involved?

Want to get involved? No problem. All you have to do is #FeelYourBreast! Join us on our mission to educate our community and make everyone, including you, breast cancer aware. Throughout the month, we’ll be sharing some incredible content to make everybody breast cancer aware, that you can share with your Breasties and wider Female Family too.

How do I claim a Limited Edition Hot Pink Triangle Thong?

To get your hands on one of our Limited Edition Hot Pink Thongs, we require a small donation. Due to the nature of the campaign and what we’re setting out to achieve, we are asking for a minimum donation of £1 for UK residents, €1 for EU residents, $3 for AUS residents, $2 for US residents and 10 SEK for Swedish residents, however, you can absolutely donate more if you wish to! We have other varied amounts available so our loungers can place higher donations if you wish to do so besides the minimum amount.

We’re giving away 50,000 thongs in total. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

What will happen with my donation?

100% of donations we receive will go straight to our partner charities, TrekStock and CoppaFeel!

How many Hot Pink Limited Edition Thongs can I have for free?

Our Limited Edition Hot Pink Thongs are restricted to one per customer. This is so everybody has a chance to bag themselves one and to ensure we can reach as many of our community as we can as a part of this awareness campaign.

Can I still order another item alongside the Limited Edition Hot Pink Thong?

Yes. Any of our customers who choose to get one of our Limited Edition Hot Pink Thongs are welcome to order other products within the same order.

I’ve made my donation and expected my thong to arrive soon… How long is delivery?

Due to high demand, you may experience a delay in waiting for your shipping confirmation to be sent via email, but we assure you we’re working hard to ship your purchase as quickly as possible. 

If you’ve ordered another one of our items alongside this, the delayed shipping time still applies - this can be up to 7 working days. 

Please head to our Help Hub homepage for an update on shipping delays.

Are you offering Next Day Delivery?

Unfortunately, Next Day Delivery will not be available. However, Express Delivery for non UK residents is available.
Do I still need to pay for delivery on top of my donation?

Yes, delivery charges still apply. 

My Limited Edition Hot Pink Thong doesn’t fit. Can I send it back?

Unfortunately, our Limited Edition Hot Pink Thong is non-returnable and non-exchangeable, due to the nature of the campaign. 

We recommend feeling as confident as possible in your selected size before placing your order. If any of our customers do decide to send it back by mistake, we will not be able to ship this back out.

Can I change the sizing of my thong once I’ve ordered it?
Unfortunately, once your order has been placed, we are unable to amend the size of your Limited Edition Hot Pink Thong or remove this from your order.
The thongs are gone! Can I still donate?

Yes, you can still absolutely donate - all the way through the month of October 2020 in fact! Simply head to our #FeelYourBreast hub here to donate.

Will you be restocking your Limited Edition Hot Pink Thongs?

Sadly not. 

We only have 50,000 Limited Edition Hot Pink Thongs to give away on this occasion. However, there’s always next year. Who knows...we might even go bigger!

I’ve made my order, how do I track it?

Please see a breakdown below:


For customers who have purchased a Limited Edition Hot Pink Thong alone (with nothing else in your basket), you will receive a shipping confirmation email where you can see the status of your order. You will receive a tracking link, however please note that live updates will not be available. Through this link you will simply be able to see once your parcel has been successfully delivered.

For those customers who have purchased a Limited Edition Hot Pink Thong, along with other Lounge designs, you will receive usual tracking updates.

Rest Of World 

For customer purchasing from outside the UK, you will receive a tracking number with your shipping confirmation. Please allow 24 hours for this to update, after which you can track your parcel as it makes its way to you with our lovely couriers.

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