What Is S+?

Small + is an addition to our size range that allows us to offer bralets and non wired bras that are a much more comfortable and flattering fit for those of our customers who have a small frame and back measurement, but a larger cup size.
Small + is most suitable for those in our Female Family who have a 28, 30 or 32 UK back size, and a cup size of DD, E, F or G.
Please find here a full size chart for S+:
We hope that our Small + offers the perfect size for those of our customers who feel they're in-between a Small and a Medium - with the need for a smaller band size but with more room within the cup.
Please note: S+ is not available across all of our non wired designs, as some of our designs do not require the S+ sizing as part of their range.
If you do have any additional questions regarding this size or sizing in general, please feel free to pop our Lounge Experts an email on info@loungeunderwear.com
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